The basic text we will be using is History of Christianity in the United States and Canada by Mark A Noll.
the following quote is from the Introduction to his history.

“The plot of this text centers on the rise and decline of Protestant dominance in the United States”

“I have organized the book to show how an ‘Evangelical America”  arose out of Colonial pluralism  and the tumults of the Revolutionary era, how the hegemony  of evangelical Protestantism began to erode with the Civil  War and how it came to an obvious end by the 1920s.



What good is it to learn about the History of Christianity? We live in a time when misinformation about Christianity is everywhere.  Studying  Christian History is a form of apolegetics or simply a defense of the faith.  Much of the attack on Christianity is based on an ignorance of history.  Classes on the History of Christianity will prepare you to comment with knowledge of  the facts.